Kristen Stewart with short haircut
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Short hairstyle: 10 stars with pretty short haircuts

A short haircut for the winter season is a real salvation: to combine long hair with a hat or hood, even the most luxurious one, is not an easy thing. Which of the stars chose a boy-like haircut?

Of course, parting with long hair is very difficult. But this season, many celebrities, oddly enough, came to our aid and helped, finally, to decide for themselves the question “to cut or not to cut?” Hollywood beauties part with their long hair and thus demonstrate an example of not only courage, but also practicality.

The name of the haircut that has become popular with celebrities is the cute name “pixie”. By the way, it came into vogue in 1953, after Audrey Hepburn made it for the film “Roman Holiday”. In the storyline, the heroine, Princess Anne, cuts her hair in protest. We don’t think it’s worth saying what Hepburn meant for her time – her appearance on the screen in this form was enough to make the boy-like haircut incredibly popular. Since then, at various times, “pixies” have been worn by such stars as Twiggy, Mia Farrow, Liza Minnelli, Madonna and many others.

Meet the most popular short hairstyle for 2022 – the bixie cut:

Stars with short hair

Lily Collins

Lily Collins with short hairstyle

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It is believed that a woman with long hair looks the most feminine, but actress and singer Lily Collins once again refuted this common opinion. The pixie cut creates a very delicate and romantic look. Now Collins is somewhat reminiscent of the legendary Audrey Hepburn.


Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart with short haircut

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The look of Christine Stewart, on the other hand, is cocky and even a little brutal. During the filming of the “Twilight” saga, Kristen had to wear long hair, but as soon as work on the project was completed, the actress hurried to have a short haircut. By the way, a haircut “like a boy” has been close to Stewart since childhood. And in one of the interviews the star said: “If you look at my photos at the age of 14 or 15, you will not distinguish me from my brothers. I totally looked like a guy! ”


Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron with pixie cut

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For the first time Charlize Theron cut her hair “like a boy” not of her own free will, but for the sake of the new film “Mad Max: Fury Road”. And she didn’t even just cut her hair, but shaved her head. At first, while her hair was growing back, Theron preferred not to appear in public with her head uncovered. But as soon as a pixie haircut took shape on her head, which could be painted again in her favorite platinum shade, the actress immediately showed it with pride. Many beauty experts and fans admit that they cannot say with certainty when Theron looked more attractive – before or after her haircut.


Ann Hataway

Ann Hataway with short hairstyle

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Like Charlize, Anne Hathaway sacrificed her hair to art – she got a short haircut for the role of Fantine in the musical “Les Miserables”. They say that she did not go through a haircut very easily, but the transformation was so successful that Anne still walks with short hair (recall that Les Miserables appeared on the screens back in 2012). She experiments surprisingly a lot with her short hair: smoothing it down to get an elegant hairstyle, combing it back, making it tousled. Once she even dyed them in the lightest blond. In general, even with a short haircut, Ann manages to be very, very different.


Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence with short hair

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Jennifer Lawrence parted with long hair not for the sake of cinema, but also out of necessity – a haircut became a necessary measure after an unsuccessful lightening. However, Lawrence does not seem to regret what happened. Immediately after the haircut, the actress posted her photo on Facebook and received a lot of rave reviews from fans. Even if she had doubts, after such praise they passed.


Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin with short hair

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Brunette Ginnifer Goodwin “wears” a short haircut with side bangs, which gives her freedom of action while styling. Smoothing her hair down, she makes her look gentle and dreamy, and in the case when she highlights individual strands and emphasizes that she has “torn” bangs, the image turns out to be more daring and rock-n-roll.


Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha with super short bob

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Canadian model Coco Rocha has always boldly experimented with looks. And when short pixie cuts came into fashion, she fearlessly cut her long hair to follow the trend. I must say that the boyish haircut did not make her less feminine. In combination with bright makeup, she, on the contrary, makes Coco very seductive. Recently, when her hair grew back a bit, the model gave it a 60s-style shape and straight bangs.


Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus with bixie cut

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Much has already been said about how the look of the main performer of the role of Hannah Montana has changed dramatically. Wanting to abandon the role of a gentle young lady, Miley parted with her long hair, shaved her whiskey and began to dress completely differently. But the girl continues to use such beauty weapons as red lipstick, so that with a short haircut, which has already become the hallmark of the star, she knows how to look as attractive as possible.


Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco with short hairstyle

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For a long time, actress Kaley Cuoco wore long hair cut by a “ladder”, but then took a course towards shortening. First, she made such a fashionable haircut like a bob, and then she decided to go for a pixie.


Meggie Gyllenhaal

Meggie Gyllenhaal with short hairstyle

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The actress parted with her hair for an interesting scenario, which, however, did not require such radical decisions. Gyllenhaal decided to make a pixie on her own. And she added to the lists of those stars who have a short haircut.

And yet, for all its popularity, a “boy’s” haircut is not suitable for everyone. First of all, it is worth remembering that a short hairstyle always focuses on the face: it emphasizes plump lips, high cheekbones, and makes big eyes even more expressive. But if you have a round face or small facial features, think carefully before visiting the salon. To get started, just pin your hair and see if the short cut suits you. Also, “pixie” is not recommended for owners of dense small curls – styling a short haircut will become sheer torment, and you will not have to wait for an adequate shape.