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3 upcoming films by Adam Sandler

Two years ago, Adam Sandler surprised many by moving away from empty comedies and playing in the thriller Uncut Gems. The actor was predicted to win an Oscar for the excellent performance, but he flew even past the nomination.

At the same time, the actor promised that if the statuette was not handed to him, he would appear in the most disgusting film imaginable. But it seems that he did not keep his promise.


Adam Sandler is a pretty good basketball player, and his next Netflix job will be in the sport. However, Hustler is far from a comedy.

Hustle tells the story of a basketball coach (Sandler) who, after being unjustly fired, finds a talented player overseas and immediately decides to return him to the US to prove to the NBA that they both have a chance to succeed in the industry.

Sandler will have another chance to compete for the Oscar. The film is being produced by LeBron James.

Spaceman of Bohemia

Another Netflix collaboration is on Sandler’s radar. It will be fantastic.

Spaceman will present the actor in the form of an astronaut who went to the edge of the galaxy in search of mysterious dust. But when he is faced with a certain threat, a creature from the beginning of time, hiding on his ship, will come to his aid.

It sounds messy but intriguing. Filming is due to start from day to day, with the premiere next year.

Murder Mystery 2

According to Zoomboola, in 2019, the detective comedy Murder Mystery was released on Netflix, in which Sandler shared the screen with his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston.

The picture was viewed by 30 million people in 3 days, in connection with which streaming immediately announced the development of a sequel. With Sandler and Aniston, of course.

It’s not worth guessing about the plot – the audience will see something similar to the first movie. The timing of the work on the sequel has not yet been announced, but, according to rumors, the cameras will start working in early 2022.