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Started watching the series Grace. My first impressions

The series is filmed in the best British traditions of detective stories. One episode – one investigation. Each episode lasts approximately an hour and 25 minutes.

In the center of the plot is the detective-intendant of the London police Roy Grace. At the beginning of the first episode, Grace appears in court as a witness. But the court is most interested not in his testimony of the process of arresting the criminal, but in how he got to the defendant. The thing is that Roy, in difficult cases, turns to a familiar psychic, and this is not quite usual for a police officer with 25 years of experience.

Interesting in this regard is Roy’s answer to the question of whether he believes in the supernatural. Grace replies that he just vowed to speak the truth with the Bible, which means that both he and everyone in the audience believe in the supernatural a priori.

Roy Grace is an excellent investigator, but his methods are not liked by the authorities. Therefore, a man spends most of his time in the office, sorting through pieces of paper.

The policeman is pulled out of this routine by a former partner, who invites him to become a consultant in one unusual case that he is investigating. Grace happily agrees.

And the case is extraordinary. A car accident occurs on one of the roads. As it turns out later, there were young people in the car celebrating the bachelor party. But there is one problem – the hero of the occasion, the fiancĂ© Michael Neward, was not in the damaged car. Where could Michael Neward be? What happened to him? Unknown, since all passengers of the car were either killed or are in intensive care.

In the course of this investigation, a little bit of Roy Grace’s past is revealed to us. It turns out that his wife disappeared six years ago. This unhealed wound causes the man unbearable pain, although he tries to cope with it. Also, Grace does not lose hope of finding out sooner or later what happened.