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Celebrities who believe in strange conspiracy theories

Kylie Jenner and chemtrails

While you calmly watch the planes flying in the sky, businesswoman Kylie Jenner is in a wild horror. She believes that the white stripes trailing behind the aircraft are not contrails, but chemicals. The girl believes that the government is deliberately poisoning its citizens by spraying chemicals over cities to control human consciousness.

Marion Cotillard and the Moon Landing

Marion Cotillard, like many other people, believes that man has never landed on the moon. She reviewed a ton of documentaries on this topic and concluded that NASA is misleading the world community.

Kanye West and AIDS

Kanye West is a rather strange guy. You never know what will come to his bright head. However, the craziest thing he ever said was that AIDS was not only a man-made disease but that it was deliberately placed in Africa to kill the local population.

Bruce Willis and the Kennedy assassination

It would seem that the Kennedy assassination case has long been closed, but Bruce Willis does not think so. He believes that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill the president, and the real criminals are still at large. The actor also feared that after his exposure to this conspiracy theory, Kennedy’s assassins would find him and silence him, but more than 10 years have passed, and Bruce is alive and well. But this does not prevent him from remaining true to his conjectures.