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Audrey Hepburn: Little-Known Facts about the Legendary Actress

Audrey Hepburn spent her childhood in the Netherlands. The country was neutral in World War II so the mother of the future actress thought of it as of the safest place on Earth. However, in May 1940, German troops invaded the Netherlands and made an end to the carefree existence.

Audrey Hepburn nearly starved to death when the Nazis cut off food supplies. During the war, she had to eat tulip bulbs so as not to die of hunger. It is symbolic that in 1990 a hybrid breed of tulips was named after Audrey.

During the occupation, the girl began to actively participate in the resistance movements. Like many other children, she served as a courier. By the way, there is one fact that has never received widespread coverage — Audrey Hepburn’s parents admired the Nazi Party.

The elegant Audrey Hepburn and the plain Merlin Monroe seem completely different. Still, they had one thing in common — or someone, one should say. That “someone” was John F. Kennedy. Hepburn met him before he became president. They had very frivolous relationship so there were not much rumors about them. As a result, many people have no idea Audrey Hepburn dated Mr. President himself.

Even though Audrey was a mediocre singer, she was posthumously awarded a Grammy Award in 1994. However, her vocal talents have nothing to do with it. The actress received the Best Spoken Word Album for Children Award. The album featured her reading classic fairy tales.