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Celebrity men with „devilish“ looks that are hard to not to fall in love in

Mads Mikkelsen

He played Dr. Lecter so vividly and convincingly in the popular TV series “Hannibal” that he left the audience in a daze.

In many ways, Mads’ appearance played here: the haughty, icy gaze of an intellectual cannibal who does not deviate one iota from his goal, despising someone else’s life, the narrow face of a cruel Viking, on which not a shadow of sympathy flickers.

Al Pacino

In the appearance of Al Pacino, there is something mystical, dark, from which a certain threat emanates for a mere mortal. The Italian temperament that slumbers in his screen images is ready to explode with rage, an irresistible passion for murder. Especially in the movie “Devil’s Advocate”

Javier Bardem

The Spaniard has brilliantly played villains on the screen more than once. She won an Oscar for her role as the cold-blooded killer Anton Chigurh in the Coen brothers’ No Country for Old Men. His hero is a controversial figure. A broken nose, eternal light stubble (both in movies and in real life), a crazy gleam in the eyes – from this image of a killer acting unpredictably and inventively, you involuntarily experience an inexplicable secret fear.

Sam Rockwell

His filmography contains a whole string of roles as villains and villains, but in reality, he is just as cynical and sometimes cruel in his judgments. For example, he made it clear to his beloved, actress Leslie Bibb, with whom he has been living for 12 years, that he would never marry her, and he even perceives fatherhood as a heavy burden. But Leslie is still with him anyway.

Danny Trejo

His stern appearance, as if hewn out of stone, is remembered by the audience for a long time. And they are no longer surprised by the fury with which his heroes crush everything around them. Danny even admitted that he finds real aesthetic pleasure in this.