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5 important rules of royal motherhood that Kate Middleton took over from Elizabeth II

Maternity is a priority

Elizabeth II is a mother of four children, a grandmother of eight grandchildren, and a great-grandmother. She lost her father at a fairly young age and was forced to take his place on the throne at the age of 25 in 1952.The first years of governing the country were not easy for Elizabeth’s loved ones, and one would think that the state was paramount for her, but Her Majesty always argued the opposite.

You can’t do without a nanny

The Windsors are accustomed to trusting professionals in caring for babies – this is a common practice in aristocratic circles. Aid is indispensable given the royals’ busy schedule and overseas tours. On many trips, the Cambridges take their children with them, continuing the tradition established by Princess Diana, but in the time of Elizabeth, such decisions were not the norm.

Demonstrate frugality

Frivolity in this matter can lead to disastrous consequences. An insider once stated: “The general spirit of Buckingham Palace is saving money. If you don’t turn off the lights in your office when you go to lunch, you will have to talk quietly about how money is being spent.”

Involve children in their hobbies

Both the Queen and the Duchess are happy to share personal passions with their heirs. Everyone knows about the queen’s love of horses, and at least two of her children still keep her company on horseback riding. But Keith is fond of tennis. Prince George is also involved in sports and shares a love of tennis.

Fresh air is the main value

Her Majesty has always believed that walking in the fresh air is good for both health and soul. Gardens and parks are an important part of the ensembles of Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Balmoral, and Sandringham, which never goes unclaimed. It seems that the Duchess of Cambridge shares the opinion of the queen because with her children she spends every free minute on the street.