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“Never Again!”: 4 Famous Actors Who Refuse to Act Together

Robert Downey Jr. and Terrence Howard

Reason: Greed

The first film about “Iron Man” literally pulled Downey Jr.’s career out of oblivion. And Terence Howard helped him in this, it was he who advised the director to pay attention to the half-forgotten actor.

Downey Jr. got the leading role, and his friend Howard got an equally significant secondary role. The film’s box office success was colossal, and Robert Downey became a real Marvel star. The question of sequels was not even raised.

However, the second and third parts of Howard is no longer there. The reason is that for participation in the sequels, Robert asked for much more money than the filmmakers expected.

They had to cut a deal with their main actor. His fee was raised by cutting the salaries of minor staff, and Howard was fired altogether. Since then, he has been specifically holding a grudge against Downey and is not shy about talking about it to the press.

Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere

Reason: Fight

Long ago, when both actors were still young and took on any job, they ended up on the set of the same film. Gere was a sociable guy and treated everyone around him frivolously, but Stallone, on the contrary, did not bother anyone and appreciated that they did not bother him.

Sylvester’s peace did not last long, exactly until the moment when Gere decided to compulsively make friends with him. However, Stallone took it too sharply.

The actor’s patience ran out when Richard Gere, without asking, got into Sylvester’s car, chewing fatty chicken and smearing the entire interior, then Rambo could not stand it.

Gere was knocked out with one elbow blow. The conflict on the set was promptly settled by the director. He fired Richard Gere the same day. Since then, the actors have not been very friendly and have never starred together again.