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3 weird reasons why these actors got roles in famous films

Ryan Gosling

Many popular actors then auditioned for the main roles in the melodrama “The Notebook“. But Ryan Gosling was approved quickly, but not at all because of his charm or acting talent.

The reason Nick Cassavetes chose Gosling was that all the other candidates for Noah were too… handsome. And Gosling turned out to be the only ordinary and unremarkable guy.

Kate Winslet

When James Cameron started filming Titanic, he thought about taking on the female lead Sharon Stone. But the initiative was intercepted by Kate Winslet. Through an agent, she got Cameron’s phone number and started calling him, praising herself. Then I got the director’s home address and began to send him flowers marked “Your Rose”. Cameron could not stand the onslaught.

Tom Hardy

The role in the film “Warrior” Hardy received “like a man.” Hardy’s agent called him and said that next Monday there will be auditions for the new film by Gavin O’Connor. The actor decided not to waste time and rushed to the director that same evening, taking alcohol with him.

When he showed up at the doorstep to O’Connor, Hardy explained that at the official tests he was very nervous because of the lack of high-quality preparation, but in a friendly conversation, he could show everything he was capable of. At the same time, he did not forget to get the argument in the form of a couple of bottles.

As a result, the binge lasted five days and all this time Hardy did not leave the director’s house. After such a siesta, O’Connor could no longer deny the role to his new friend. Besides, the casting itself has already failed because of this spree.