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5 actors most often nominated for Razzie

Nicolas Cage

Despite the general impression, Cage is not even in the top three on this list, he has only 5 nominations for the “worst actor” (though up to 3 films that were released in one year got into 1 nomination), as well as a nomination for “worst supporting actor”… But at the same time, Cage never won there, but he has an Oscar for the film Leaving Las Vegas.

John Travolta

Travolta in 2000 starred in the film Battlefield Earth, which was recognized as the worst film of the decade, while John avoided winning the nomination for the worst actor of the decade. John was also nominated for the Worst Actor Award 6 more times.

Winner: Worst Actor (Films): Battlefield Earth/Lucky Numbers (within one year), The Fanatic/Trading Paint (within one year).

Kevin Costner (3rd place)

How well Kevin started, immediately received 3 prestigious awards (Oscar, Golden Globe, Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival) for the film Dances with Wolves (as a director). By the way, in the list of films for which Costner was nominated for the Golden Raspberry, there was also the popular The Bodyguard.

Worst Actor Winner (films): Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Wyatt Earp, The Postman.

Adam Sandler (2nd place)

Sandler has never been nominated for Worst Supporting Actor, but he has completed 10 times for the title of Worst Lead Actor and was also listed as Worst Actress for his role as a drag queen in Jack and Jill.

Worst Actor Winner (films): Big Daddy, Jack and Jill, That’s My Boy.

Sylvester Stallone (1st place)

Hardly a fan favorite of action movies upset being on the top spot on this list. But the fact is the fact. Stallone is the absolute leader in the number of Golden Raspberry nominations as the worst actor. He was included in the list of nominees as many as 15 times. “Rambo” was also named the worst actor of the decade (the 90s) and the worst actor of the century.

Worst Actor Winner (films): Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot, Rambo III, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Rhinestone.