.PENUMBRA. Summer Spring Fashion Week 2014

.PENUMBRA. SPRING/SUMMER FASHION WEEK 2014, a very much anticipated one week event takes the pioneer to display and express varied new styles in Second Life. The fashion fiesta, first and unique of its kind is a contemporary platform envisioned and designed to unite established designers with designers who aspire being “BRANDS” of tomorrow.

This  season, .PENUMBRA.  will  again  position  itself  as  a  leading  fashion  stage  of Second Life’s Fashion  Industry  by  hosting  a  selection  of  high profile fashion shows and see and be seen after parties. An All star lineup of high profile shows and  live performance events from May 25th – 31st, 2014.

.PENUMBRA. SPRING/SUMMER FASHION WEEK 2014, is envisioned to lead and promote designer’s aspirations and motivations to a Gridwide Audience Arena is Second Life

.PENUMBRA. SPRING/SUMMER FASHION WEEK 2014, is motivated to showcase the pinnacle of Second Life’s Fashion showmanship.

Our Designers:
AD Creations
Beauty is Pain
Blvck Anchor
BSD Design Studio
Dead Dollz
Giulia Design
Glam Dreams
Holy Shirt
Legal Insanity
Loovus Dzevavor
Lush by Coco
Lyrical Bizarre Templates
Madrid Solo Cosmetics
MEB Fashion
NyA’s Shop
Petit Chat
Prism Design
Pure Poison
Vero Modero

Our Media Partners:
Style Kingdom Magazine
Versus Magazine
SL Live Radio
Model’s Magazine
Seraphim SL
Designing SL
Pure Shot Photography

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